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Image by Bruno Glatch 

The best dog of course is the one you have and love, however, if you're thinking about getting a dog... there are ones that are quite content in small places and don't need a lot of exercise outdoors. See what adorable furry friends might just fit your needs.

According to Cyndy Bolte, a senior scientist at Nestlé Purina PetCare, 
"Many apartment dogs are born and bred homebodies, happy to lounge around at home, Certain breeds are also known for not being big barkers—a godsend for your neighbors. So before you give up on your dream of owning a dog, check out this list of (hot) dog breeds that are perfectly suited for urban living".
This list focuses on purebreds because they display reliable personality traits, but it's worth noting that mixed-breed mutts often display the best qualities of their various lines and that far more are available for adoption.  Here is a quick list of best breeds to consider for apartment living!
Toy poodle- a dog's big personality in a small package that gets pretty much all the exercise it needs running around your little place and big bonus... no shedding!
Mastiff- despite its gargantuan size, it doesn't require much exercise. Its size, in fact, is the cause of its low energy.
Shit Tzu- bred to be a companion -- it has no hunting genes so its happy staying indoors.
English Bulldog- big, wrinkly couch potatoes and great for human homebodies!
Great Dane - really? big but on the quiet side.
Cavalier King Charles spaniel- (image above) adapts to your energy level!
Borkie- combination of two great apartment breeds: a bichon and a Yorkie and don't require much grooming or exercise.
Happy hunting for your new best friend and enjoy many years of being LOVED!