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You may be at a good place in your life where your future plans include enjoying your last home, and "aging in place."

The new term, Aging-in-Place. refers to making plans for your future comfort and safety. Whether you plan to stay in your current home, looking to downsize, or move into a different community, below are a few essential universal elements to consider in your home to have it accessible, safe and stylish for your life ahead.

  • Curbless showers 
  • Bathroom benches 
  • Handheld showers 
  • Grab bars 
  • Railings for steps 
  • Door levers 
  • Lever faucets
  • Touchless faucets
  • Pullouts
  • Smart appliances
  • Stair lights
  • Elevators

So how do I begin? Start shopping around for ideas. Interior designers and architects are fun professionals to consult with and will help match these changes with your lifestyle.

If your plans entail remodeling projects such as moving walls or making doorways larger, getting the proper slope in a bathroom renovation or making sure grab bars are safely installed, you may want to enlist the services of an architect. An architect will listen and understand your concerns, design unique solutions based on your individual needs, and provide your contractors with specific guidelines.

If you are looking to move into a new home, seek the help of a REALTOR® and be clear about your expectations which may be a home that suits your long-term needs or one that can be successfully renovated for your specific aging in place needs.