Surviving the Move

Moving can be one of the most emotional times in your life. The thrill of something new—a new career, a new neighborhood, a new home. While this may sound great to some people, for others, these changes can be an emotional rollercoaster.

The key to surviving a move is to first analyze the situation. You may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • "What does my move entail?"
  • "Will I be moving across the country or just down the block?"
  • "Could I handle the move myself, provided I have the right packing materials and friends to help?"
  • "Do I need to explore the option of hiring a professional moving company?"

If you plan on hiring a moving company, you might want to do some research first. Our handy moving guide offers great information for those researching the possibility of hiring a mover.

If you are ready to tackle the moving process, there are many resources out there. You might want to consult your REALTOR® for guidance or refer to our moving checklist for more information. Also, feel free to contact Montague Miller & Co. if you need help at any point during the moving process.

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